Friday, April 28, 2017

Islamic Art at Sotheby's

Some highlights from this week's London sale. Umayyad brass astrolabe, signed by Muhammad ibn al-Saffar, Spain, Cordoba, dated in Western Abjad 411 AH/1020 AD, with later Ottoman Turkish rete, 16th/17th century

Ottoman voided silk velvet and metal-thread panel (├žatma), with ├žintamani and tiger-stripe design, Turkey, late 16th/early 17th century, 162 x 120 cm

Detail of an illuminated Hajj scroll, North India or Mecca, 18th /19th century

Imperial Mughal spinel, inscribed with the names of emperors Jahangir, Prince Khurram and ‘Alamgir (Aurangzeb), India, dated 1024 AH/1615 AD and 1070 AH/1659 AD, sold for $350,000.

A gem-set and enamelled gold necklace, North India, 19th century

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