Friday, April 21, 2017

Inside the Rainbow

The weather here today was unsettled, clouds alternating with sun, and in the afternoon some of those clouds dropped showers of rain. Around 5 PM I was driving down the highway following one of those little storms. Ahead of me was a huge white-topped cloud, dark with rain underneath; behind me was the sun. The road was wet. I started to see a faint rainbow, stretching up from the ground to the bottom of the clouds. As I got closer to the storm the spray from other cars grew more intense, and suddenly I started to see rainbows in the spray. They shifted in intensity with the direction I was driving and angle of the sun, but when it was just right I was surrounded by rainbows. There was one around each car, and still one hanging in the sky ahead of me. For a few minutes it was like I had achieved the impossible and reached the rainbow, and I was driving along inside it.

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