Monday, August 8, 2016

Early Medieval Gold

Some objects recently for sale at Timeline Auctions that date to the early Middle Ages or the barbarianized late Roman Empire. These objects are identified by culture and date, but you need not take that too seriously; similar jewelry was made across Europe over several centuries. The pendant above is identified as Gothic, c 500-900 CE.

Saxon gold and garnet jewelry, c. 400-700 CE.

Gothic strap end, 6th century CE.

Saxon gold ring, c 600 to 900 CE.

Ostrogothic horse harness set, gold and garnets, and detail, c. 300 to 500 CE.

Gothic gold ring with garnet, c. 500 to 750 CE.

Anglo-Saxon gilt button brooch, 6th Century CE.

Merovingian Frankish Gilt Bird-Head Mount, c. 500 to 700 CE.

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