Friday, March 4, 2016

Wang Wusheng

Wang Wusheng is a Chinese photographer born in 1945, educated as a physicist. Since 1974 he has repeatedly photographed Mount Huangshan; it and the surrounding mountains are the subject of his most popular photographs.

Many more at his web site.

For variety's sake, two of his other photographs.

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G. Verloren said...

I really love those bizarre Chinese mountains, because growing up I always assumed all those classic paintings and whatnot were just stylized imaginings, and then one day I stumbled across actual photographs of the region and was gobsmacked that they're a real thing.

I've had similar experiences with other locales. Like Pripyat's Palace of Culture which has appeared in numerous video games and which I assumed was just being modeled as a generic ruined building in typical video game style without respect to the logic of architecture and physics, as is so common in games - and then I came across a photoset of the actual ruins, and had an eerie moment of deja vu because I recognized the site and layout immediately, and realized it matched reality exactly.

It was very creepy having the undeniable feeling that I'd been there even though I knew I'd never actually physically done so.