Monday, March 14, 2016

Violence and Donald Trump

As you all know I despise Donald Trump and fear the fascist impulses of some of his supporters. Reading about some of these events, though, I can't decide who bothers me more, Trump or the people trying to silence him. I believe as much as I believe anything that everyone has a right to speak, and that shouting down your opponents is the absolute opposite of democracy.

Besides which people who act up at Trump rallies are only helping him. The harder social justice warriors try to shout him down, the more people will decide that he really is right.

Fascism comes to power through chaos, or the perception of chaos. It comes to power when democracy fails. Every time somebody opposes Trump with violence and disruption, the case for his election grows stronger. If you really fear Donald Trump, show it by supporting the norms of civil discourse that he so flamboyantly attacks.

The way to defeat him is to make democracy work better.

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G. Verloren said...

Well said, although I worry that perhaps the sermon is being heard almost exclusively by the choir, here.