Friday, March 4, 2016

Tax Plans

Analysis from the Tax Policy Center shows the effects of the tax plans proposed by the top Republican candidates and Hillary Clinton. Pretty big difference, no? The Republican plans all give huge tax breaks to the top 1% and blow up the deficit; Clinton's raises taxes on the 1% and brings the deficit down. For wholly irrational reasons, voters who say they are worried about the deficit still believe that Republicans will work harder to bring it down, even though that has been completely untrue since 1980.

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G. Verloren said...

I have to wonder if maybe people just imagine that, as the American Dream™ has ostensibly promised them, they too can one day be among the absurdly rich elites, and then they'll wish they'd supported politicians who favored tax breaks for the 1%.

Because it's either that, or people just don't understand money and taxes on a fundamental level, and rely on pundits and spin doctors to form the most basic foundations of even their simplest opinions on the matters. Which is probably the case, but it's a depressing notion.