Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Scarecrows of Middletown 2014

On my way out to the mountains yesterday I passed through Middletown. I have gotten to be a fan of their annual scarecrow contest after years of fall fieldwork at Antietam and other locations in western Maryland. Starting off with my favorite of this year's: simple, traditional, creepy. (Last year's pictures here; 2011 here)

Representing the ladies of the wine-drinking club -- sorry, I mean the book club.

One of two ice-bucket challenge entries.

And the Creeper, one of at least three minecraft-themed scarecrows.

I think this one gets my nod for runner up. So normal, yet so frightening.

This ought to keep the birds out of the corn.

Here's an old Halloween friend.

Jane in the Box strikes a blow for equality among toys.

Zombie Mouse, which I interpreted as a satirical attack on the excessive length of copyright protection.

Not sure what this is supposed to be, but something about it grabs me.

And a scary fellow to remind us what Halloween is about.

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