Saturday, October 22, 2016

Il Cimitero di Staglieno

The Staglieno Cemetery was opened in 1851. It is Genoa's version of the great 19th-century cemeteries found in all European cities, like Pere Lachaise in Paris or Highgate in London.

Except that compared to those others, Staglieno has much more sculpture; in fact it seems like a cross between a cemetery and a sculpture garden.Most of the sculptures were made between 1851 and 1930.

Some of Italy's top sculptors worked on these monuments; this is a famous angel by Giulio Monteverde.

Another famous angel, by Pietro da Verona. At least, people say it's an angel.

Neogothic chapel for the Ottone family.

The number of works is staggering; Wikimedia alone has more than 500 images of tombs, chapels and sculptures here.

What a remarkable place.

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