Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cornwall Gardens, Singapore, by Chang Architects

Crazy new house in Singapore by Chang Architects,

built around this jungle pool.

The house fits into a category called in Singapore the ‘Good Class Bungalow’ (GCB).
The GCB is a niche category of landed houses in Singapore, often associated with high-end landed housing for the privileged few. There are specific planning guidelines to safeguard the qualities of these houses. The minimum plot size has to be 1400 sqm.
These are built in special enclaves called ‘Good Class Bungalow Areas (GCBA)’. Fascinating, the things people have taken on themselves to define and regulate.

The house is built on the location of an older house that was demolished. It incorporated bits of the foundations of the old house, and a retaining wall, and materials from the old house were used in the construction.

One of the architecture sites I perused while researching this house called it "the ultimate in living with nature." Ha. No nature here. But a splendid sort of artifice.

More pictures and plans here.

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