Friday, January 1, 2016

Queer Theory Bot

Amusing Twitter that generates random academic nonsense. Some examples:

Abstraction theorizes against the iconographic, moving between sensibility and silence.

Silence is conceptual, withheld, world-building (that is, the similar).

Subjectivity of hegemony obscures hegemony.

It is the queer signifier that obscures the category 'imagination' against questions of aesthetics.

A value of politics inhabits a silence of aesthetics.

In the sexualized, queer silence deconstructs the category 'realities' outside questions of simulacrum. It gestures; it gestures.

How might we interrogate enforcement?

It is not that an interpellation of archives is erotic; rather, that an interpellation of archives is, as we know, transgender.

It is body that operates beyond assimilationist form. And yet, it is body that performs with and against aesthetics.

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