Sunday, February 21, 2016

Trump vs. Clinton

Trump and Hillary both got big wins yesterday. A race between them, if that's what we end up with, would be one of the ugliest of modern times. A quick preview came from the crowd at Trump's South Carolina victory celebration, where buttons were spotted that said "Trump that Bitch."

One thing Trump and Hillary have in common is that both are disliked by many, many people, less because of what they might do in office than what they stand for. To Trump's enemies he stands for empty-headed swagger, vapid egoism, snarling racism, and a dangerous contempt for the rest of the world. To Hillary's enemies she stands for both nagging, politically correct feminism and for the insider world where politicians pocket huge speaking fees from nefarious interest groups and then do their bidding in backroom deals, the system that shuts ordinary people out of power. The insults are going to fly fast and furious.

Let's just say that a Trump-Clinton race wouldn't show America at its finest.

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G. Verloren said...

Our finest was probably a few generations ago now - hard to say.