Saturday, February 14, 2015

Rebecca Law's Flowers

Something for Valentine's Day. Many more at her website.


G. Verloren said...

I've always found cut flowers to be astonishly morbid, and it baffles me to no end that so few others share this view. "They're so pretty!" is the typical gist of the responses I get, and most people can't understand why I can agree to the beauty of living flowers but not agree to the beauty of dying ones.

Can you imagine if we celebrated Easter by bringing home rabbit and bird corpses to hang around the house? After all, they're symbols of life just like flowers are, and there's definitely great beauty in furs and feathers. Yet somehow most people find dead and dying animals to not be very "cheery", even while simultaneously finding dead and dying flowers to be extremely so.

Flowers as a gift is fine - just leave them growing in a pot instead of cutting them to be thrown into the trash heap when they start to decompose.

John said...