Saturday, May 17, 2014

Down the Creek

Today I took Ben and Clara to the creek we love to explore. This is where we start, behind the Westchester Condominiums along what is really a tributary of the main stream.

A little ways up the leaning log.

At the main creek, a quick pause for a picture and then off we go. "Don't race," I said. "I'm not racing," Ben said, "I'm just trying to go faster than Clara."

It was a lovely day, cool, partly cloudy, not a single mosquito, lots of water from yesterday's rains. We saw lots of crayfish.

Across a tricky spot.

Almost fell in.

Down to the bottom, where the creek dives under Rt. 40 before joining the Patapsco. That wasn't even the end of the adventure. Ben didn't want to walk back along the creek, so we climbed up the bluff instead to reach our usual dog-walking trail along the crest. This is always a long, hard slog, but today we climbed through slippery mud, since the whole hillside had become a spring. We were all very tired when we got home.

I discovered today that this stream has a name: Miller Run. But it will always be Ben's Creek to me.

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