Friday, May 30, 2014

A Walk in Kalorama

Today at lunch I headed north from my office into the DC neighborhood known as Kalorama. Past the Turkish Embassy's amazing entrance, and then across Massachusetts Avenue.

I wondered why this building has been derelict for at least two years, in the middle of Embassy Row. Last time I was there I saw I sign advertising an upcoming zoning hearing, which I thought impended condominiums, but nothing so far.

Up the steps by the 22nd Street Fountain.

Past the yellow panda -- I think he is standing up for human rights in China. Or sitting down.

Flowers by the Irish embassy.

Nothing says old money like a row of dancing putti on the roof.

My beloved Romanesque houses on Bancroft Place.

Bust of Andrew Sakharov outside Russia House on Connecticut Avenue. Interesting that the Moldovan Embassy is attached to the side of the building.

I discovered another block of Romanesque houses around the corner that I had somehow never noticed before.

Past the absurdly grand Embassy of Luxembourg, and thence back to my office.

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