Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The American Fringe

Following up on a list of spooky mansions for sale in the U.S., I typed "Kimball Castle" into the search bar. From this exercise I discovered that there is a Kimball Castle on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, built between 1897 and 1899 by railroad baron Benjamin Kimball. Here, I read, "lights mysteriously turn on and off, voices whisper in empty corridors, and a ghostly woman has been seen walking the lake shore." If wonder if that sort of reputation raises or lowers the selling price of a historic house? Is, maybe, a story about lights turning on and off a way to cover up the need for major electrical work?

I also discovered that there is another Kimball mansion in America, this one in Sedalia, Colorado. Here, I learned, the Bush family, all members of the "Knight's Templar," carries out their "Illuminati Human Sacrifices" and "Satanic Child Murders." This from a "Nationally Known Federal Whistleblower" who has a lawsuit pending in Federal District Court alleging (sorry, "proving") that the Bush Crime Family stole $1 Trillion Dollars from the American People. He helpfully provides a list of people who have attended Satanic Child Murders at the Kimball mansion, including Lawrence Rockefeller, George Shultz, and (no surprise here) Henry Kissinger.

And this makes me think that in a country full of such people, why do we every expect that our political process will deliver a rational outcome?

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