Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Deirdre Hawthorne

Deirdre Hawthorne is a ceramicist who lives and works in a rural part of County Down, Northern Ireland. She says, 
I make sculptural vessels developed from landscape, from very specific sea shores, gardens and city streets that hold significance for me. I use different ways of capturing and interpreting these places, by photographing directly onto the surface, by imprinting, by piercing the form with objects, or by growing seeds within the clay. The clay is often pushed to the point of destruction, making the work extremely fragile but revealing its inherent resilience. Through my work I try to convey the layering of marks - physical and emotional, natural and unnatural, ancient, fresh, accidental or purposely inflicted, on places and people.
The pictures above come from the Cavin Morris Gallery in New York; the ones below from Hawthorne's own web page. The difference in image quality will help to explain why some artists need galleries to help sell their work. But anyway I think these are beautiful.

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