Monday, November 26, 2012

The Light of the Church

Great column by E.J. Dionne describing all the work New York's Catholic parishes have been doing to help people whose lives and homes were devastated by Sandy. As he says, this is what the church should be talking about when they present themselves to the world:
But above all, the bishops need to learn what I’ll call the St. Francis de Sales lesson. A church looking to halt defections among so many younger Catholics should understand that casting itself as a militantly right-wing political organization — which, face it, is what some of the bishops are doing — clouds its Christian message. Worse, the church seems to be going out of its way to hide its real treasure: the extraordinary examples of generosity and social reconstruction visible every day in parishes such as St. Francis and in the homeless shelters, schools, hospices and countless other Catholic entities all over the nation.

Politics divides Catholics. The works of mercy bring us together and also show the world what the power of faith can achieve.

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