Friday, August 14, 2015

Scott Walker's Priorities

Wisconsin governor and GOP presidential hopeful Scott Walker is facing a large budget deficit, and among other things has announced a $250 million cut in funding for the state's university system. But he just signed a deal spending $250 million in public money to build a stadium for the Milwauke Bucks:
The usual pitfalls involved in stadium financing are apparent here: unrealistic calculations of return on investment, an underestimated true cost to taxpayers, misplaced priorities, fishy-looking political relationships.
Another reason for me to hate the man.

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G. Verloren said...

Why is it so many politicians love to cut funding for schools, medicine, art, and science, but never seem eager to cut funding for sports or war?

Our cruise missiles cost almost a million and a half dollars a pop. We fire them off with alarming frequency, and we consider it a "success" when we spend $2.8 million dollars to kill half a dozen "insurgents".

For that same price, we could give half a dozen American colleges almost half a million dollars each, helping service the general needs of hundreds or thousands of students. Or we could directly hand out hundreds or thousands of modest scholarships to young people struggling to pay the bills while getting an education.

But no, we see the money as better spent killing a handful of "militants" in the Middle East and Asia - ones that chiefly only exist because of our legacy of belligerent and meddling foreign policy.