Saturday, May 28, 2011

RIP Leonora Carrington

Leonora Carrington, one of the last surviving surrealists, died this week at the age of 94. I suppose when your career lasts 75 years, you have outlasted several generations of artistic movements. Below, a self-portrait from 1938, and then a collection of images. You can see that besides the usual surrealist interest in dreams and the unconscious she was involved with alchemy and the history of magic. I suspect she was into Jungian analysis, although this wasn't mentioned in the online biographies I have seen.

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epm said...

The picture tagged Crookery Hall is actually Crookhey Hall, near Lancaster, Lancashire, UK where she lived from ages 3 to 10. Ironically for somebody expelled from 'at least two schools' it is now a school for excluded boys. The ghostly figures in the picture echo the stories of sightings to this day.