Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baltimore Herb Festival 2011

Off to the herb festival again today with Ben, Clara, my sister-in-law Linda and my niece Lydia.

This is Linda and Lydia on the train, which we all rode.

It was very crowded -- horrible traffic, a long line to get in the gate, worse lines for food, annoying masses of people around some of the vendors. The line of cars heading out the gate was so dire I drove across the grass, the sidewalk, and the curb and out onto the street and headed the opposite direction from everyone else -- down into Baltimore, which was a bit of an adventure, but at least we didn't spend ten minutes waiting to get out the gate.

Ben's favorite part is the carnivorous plants.

This is my attempt to recreate a photograph from last year, which you can see here. The rock and the children were the same, but I'm afraid the magic was missing.

On the other hand I love these pictures Lisa took of Clara getting spun.

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