Saturday, May 21, 2011

After the Apocalypse

The other day, smirking over the latest prediction of the world's end, I had a sudden thought --what if it really happens? I felt a sort of vertigo, as I imagined how it would feel to realize that Harold Camping had been right, and the earth was crumbling around me. That lasted about two seconds. Then I was back to smirking.

Aside from a few good jokes about post-Rapture looting, the first positive thing to come out of this nonsense was the appearance of some real Christians at apocalypse central in Oakland:
“They are going to be reeling,” said Pastor Jacob Denys of Calvary Bible Church in nearby Milpitas, so he and about 20 volunteers planned to spend Saturday outside Mr. Camping’s compound to let “them to know that God still loves them.”
Thank you, Pastor Denys, for understanding that to believers this is not a joke, and tomorrow is going to be a very bleak day for them. Instead of gloating, perhaps the rest of us could mark the day by doing some act of kindness to our fellow earth-bound humans. After all, God is not coming in a cloud of glory to smite the wicked and reward the just. It's up to us, in our little human way, to make things better as we can.

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