Friday, November 27, 2015

Maymont Park, the Day After Thanksgiving

It was a beautiful warm day in Richmond, more like October than Thanksgiving. So Maymont Park was pretty crowded. Lots of multi-generation families, which is always interesting to see in America.

I had four children, and my father. We spent some time in the raptor exhibit, where they have hawks, owls, and two bald eagles, all of them too crippled to survive in the wild. One of the hawks was giving us a baleful stare, as if here were thinking, "This is better than starving to death but not by much."

Clara and Robert clamber over the rocks where there is a waterfall when it rains, which I guess it hasn't lately.

Rose garden.

And in a tree. I first went to Maymont as a very young child, I took girls there on dates, and now I take my children there, and I have loved it at every stage of my life.

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