Monday, August 31, 2015

Newt likes Trump's Chances

One publicity hound to another:
RADDATZ: Could he be the nominee?


RADDATZ: You think — you have to know he could be the nominee?

GINGRICH: Absolutely. I don't think he — I think he also could be the president.

RADDATZ: How does he do it?

GINGRICH: Well, first of all, if you're ahead everywhere and you — and your lead is increasing, as it is in Iowa...

RADDATZ: Among the Republicans.

GINGRICH: Among Republicans, which started with the nominee. First, you have to become the nominee. I think you might be surprised...
Given how wrong Gingrich has been about everything in the past decade, this is probably bad news for Trump. E.g., earlier this month Gingrich said Hillary would not be the Democratic nominee.

I haven't written very much about the Democratic contest because I don't find it very interesting. Hillary is ok with me. Bernie Sanders is interesting but I can't see America electing an avowed socialist. Nobody else has a chance. So I see the race trundling along until a majority of Democrats realizes that nominating Sanders would hand the Presidency to Rubio or Trump, at which point they turn back to Hillary and try to be enthusiastic about it. Maybe the chance to elect the first female president will stir up people enough to get them to vote.

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