Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Black Lives Matter" has a Plan

You all know that my beef with Occupy Wall Street was that they had no plan for fixing any of the problems they called intention to. Instead of trying to change policy, they got all involved in trying to live anarchism within their own tiny community. Predictably, they have vanished and nothing has changed.

What about Black Lives Matter? Would this turn out to be just another moment of anger and passion, or would it make things happen? It seems that some people involved in the movement have been wondering the same thing. They have founded something called Campaign Zero -- for zero police shootings of innocent people -- and they have a Ten Point Plan. With a cool graphic.

Obviously the biggest factor that might make police behavior change is the spread of videocameras, and police body cameras are one of the thing Campaign Zero plans to push. But that isn't the only possible improvement. With the great crime wave easing and public attention focused on the problem, this seems like a good time to push for concrete improvements to police methods, training, and oversight.

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