Wednesday, November 2, 2022

A Search Challenge

I recently stumbled across the picture above. This is a Sarmatian artifact said to be from a kurgan called Kobiakov 10. I have found two images, but both are focused on the seated man. Who is indeed intriguing, but y'all know me, I want to see the dragons. Or whatever they are. 

I can't trace this past here, although I did find one note that it is in the Rostov museum. 

If anyone can find a different image of this that shows the other panels more clearly I would be deeply appreciative.


Shadow said...

I don't know if this is the same -- somehow the Sarmatians and Noah's ark have come together -- but there is a photo below of two dragons killing (biting) a horse. It's a clear picture and looks like the same type.

Kpgoog said...

G. Verloren said...

A quick poke through online sources reveals that there is an image of the torc unfurled and laid flat, but I can only get a too-small version of the image, with a proper resolution picture stuck behind a paywall.

From what I can glean, there's a book which apparently is a source for some of the images online: “The Supreme Gods of the Bosporan Kingdom” by Yulia Ustinova. No clue which specific ones, though.

I also found this Russian language website which speaks about the excavation in some detail, and which includes larger, but still low resolution, images (scans of photographs printed in a book, it seems). Perhaps most useful from this site is an extensive bibliography.

Original site:

Google Translated:

John said...

Thanks everybody! Those are indeed dragons, and they are indeed battling dog- or wolf-headed men.

Finding weird, wonderful bits of arcana like this makes me irrationally happy.