Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Trump Day

So is this what we can expect from the Trump administration? A whole day of allegations, counter-charges, insults, scandals, and nothing accomplished? Or will days like this turn out to be a cover for all sorts of sinister things being done behind the scenes? Will things eventually settle down, or will it just go on and on? Will there eventually be some sort of explosion?

I sort of feel today like this is the new normal, and that we're going to see four years of inconsequential brouhaha. But who knows?


G. Verloren said...

Perhaps it won't always be inconsequential.

Truth will out. Whether this particular set of allegations is verifiable or not, eventually some other scandal of Trump's will be. Remember, Al Capone got taken down not for murder, extortion, prostitution, corruption, or any other of the notorious crimes people knew full well he was responsible for, but for simple tax evasion.

Odds are good Trump will get taken down in much the same way. After all, we don't have to prove every single allegation that comes out against him - we only need to prove one. You can only cover your tracks so many times, stuff so many skeletons into so many closets. Eventually someone will slip up and leave a trail somewhere.

Shadow said...

The two-page document that is all the rage was attached as an addendum to the Russian Hacking report despite Clapper saying it is not verifiable and wasn't used as input to the report. So why attach it? Because they knew it was salacious and would be leaked by someone in congress. Can't say Trump doesn't deserve it. Watching Trump perform during his press conference makes me reconsider press conferences. Maybe we are better off with him never speaking to the Press. Anything he says changes by tomorrow anyway, so why bother. This should be a fun 4 years.