Thursday, May 13, 2010

Garden and Gun

Yes, Garden And Gun, a magazine that bills itself "The Soul of the New South." Where the article that goes with the picture above begins, "On January 20, 2005, the date of George W. Bush’s second inaugural, I spent the day in our nation’s capital in the unlikely company of my friend the artist William Dunlap, who lives in nearby McLean, Virginia. . . " and real estate ads tout "The essence of plantation living."

I don't think they're marketing themselves to Democrats.


kathy said...

Perhaps you are mistaken about marketing to democrats. I know at least three who like to garden and own guns. This does not include me- although I love to garden I am married to a rabid anti-gun husband. If I was single I'd probably own a gun, for sport, and possibly to hunt.

kathy said...

oh, but none of my gun-loving gardener friends live in the south - with the possible exception of my Uncle, who lives part of the time in Phoenix, but is a native Chicagoan.