Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Food Allergies

Most people who think they have them don't.


Katya said...

I wanted to like this article, but the way it waffled with definitions like "food allergy" vs. "food intolerance" was not very helpful.

I have a friend who is certain she has a wheat gluten allergy. She has just tested for this, and been told that she does not exhibit an allergic response when tested.

Her conclusion: the test is no good.

I waver between respecting her self-knowledge, which allows her to recognize her body's physical response to such food stuffs, and doubts that wheat gluten is really her problem. It would have been nice if the article could have delved into that area.

John said...

I was very impressed by something I read a long time ago about the "Bernaise sauce syndrome." This is when you get very sick after eating something and then can't stand to eat it ever again. Some people can be sickened by the smell of foods they associate with being sick. So I think there is a strong psychological component to people's bad reactions to food.