Friday, October 23, 2020

Issues that Divide Republicans

 Via 538, some recent polling on questions that split Republican voters:

  • Whether Trump should behave "more like previous presidents": 46% yes, 53% no
  • Whether the US should invest $2 trillion on green infrastructure: 45% yes, 52% no
  • A public option for health insurance: 45% yes, 47% no
  • Are state and local measures to halt Covid-19, like mask requirements, justified? 56% yes, 43% no
  • Do African Americans face "a lot" of discrimination? 52% yes, 47% no
  • And on immigration policy, the Dream Act gets 45% for, 53% against; family separation at the border gets 45% for, 53% against.

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G. Verloren said...

This certainly seems to match with my personal experiences with Republicans.

I've met quite a few who aren't at all happy with their party's stance on the president's behavior, climate, healthcare, racial justice, et cetera, but who seem hesitant or even flatly unwilling to break step with the herd at large.

I think there are a lot of people who vote Republican out of fear that if they don't, their votes will somehow become irrelevant or be wasted - that if they don't hold onto as much power as possible, they'll lose out on the things that matter to them. And so they go along with the other half of the party in order to feel secure politically.