Monday, August 23, 2010

The Empty Suit and the Mosque

Back when Rick Lazio snagged the Republican convention's support to run for governor of New York, I dubbed him "America's foremost empty suit." Since he is my least favorite politician, it was inevitable that he would latch onto what I regard as the most ridiculous political issue of the decade, the Manhattan mosque. As the New York Times reports:
“We do not believe in turning our back on the victims of 9/11,” he said to enthusiastic applause. As the Republican primary for the governor’s race approaches, Mr. Lazio is making his vigorous opposition to the project a centerpiece of his candidacy, assailing it on the campaign trail, testifying against it at public hearings, denouncing it in television commercials and even creating an online petition demanding an investigation into the center and its organizers. “Defend New York,” says the giant headline above the petition on his Web site.
Of course the really irritating thing is that the attacks are working; Lazio is getting lots of attention and becoming the leading voice against the mosque will probably help him win next month's Republican primary. Let's hope the fooferaw fades away before the November election.

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