Friday, January 15, 2016

Trump vs. Cruz, the Cage Match

In the latest debate, Trump and Cruz spent so much time and energy bashing each other over Cruz's Canadian birth, what each had said about it when, and who could be tougher and meaner about it now, that nobody else could get much attention. I would be tempted to call it a contest in insult comedy, except that it wasn't funny. So, a new entertainment category: insult tragedy. Desperate for air time, Chris Christie decided to sink to their level, announcing that Obama is a "petulant child" whose "rear" he would kick out of the White House. When they weren't insulting each other or Hillary, they were painting a picture of an America mired in economic woes, besieged by terrorists, and bedeviled at every turn by "government regulations," a phrase that in Cruz's mouth comes out like the name of a satanic death cult. In these candidates' America there is a lot of "force and fury" but no sunshine. Between Trump's "America is a mess" and Cruz saying that Americans are "horrified" every time they open their papers, it was a grim night.

Right now it looks like a Trump vs. Cruz primary.

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