Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Everyone's Losing in America

Based on Pew survey data, Matt Yglesias concludes:
Most Republicans think their side is mostly losing in the political process, and most Democrats also think their side is mostly losing in the political process.
I suppose this is partly because people are focused on different things. Many Democrats care most about economic inequality, which is getting worse by the day. Many Republicans are focused on issues of public morality (e.g., gay rights) where Democrats really are winning. The Obama era has been a political mixed bag, so there is something for everyone to hate.

But mainly I just think that the mood in the country is sour.


G. Verloren said...

I think it's more than the mood. I think the people in America are sour. (Or at the very least, the currently predominant cultural values.)

Shadow said...

Certainly republican victories at the state level are astounding and inexplicable when one looks at only the republican chaos in Washington. State victories should be a source of much optimism, but at the national level candidates are mired in the past. Reagan is still their guiding light, a man who left office over 25 years ago, and much has changed since then. Internal turmoil grates as well. So its a mixed bag.

Democrats should look at what's happening at the state level with much distress. What governors and state legislatures do affects the national political landscape for years to come. And their main candidate, the person whose success their hopes depend upon, isn't gaining the traction she needs, and this against weak opposition. When I compare Hillary to Elizabeth Warren -- the passion, the energy, the vigor, the willingness to challenge established tradition -- Hillary doesn't fare well. Perhaps she's spent too many years running for the office. And concerning living in the past, well, as I write this I'm watching Lanny Davis and John Podesta defend her. Sheesh!!!! It brings back memories for me. Does it bring back memories for you?