Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Discoveries at Must Farm

I have written here before about the wonderful archaeology going on at the Must Farm Site in England's Fen Country, where a wooden settlement of the Bronze Age burned and collapsed into the marsh around 800 to 1000 BCE.

The site is back in the news because this year's excavations uncovered two Bronze Age round houses, which they are claiming are the best preserved ever found in England. You can see the rafters from the roof on one house in the photograph above. These houses must have been built on wooden platforms, since when they burned they fell into marshy water that preserved the charred timbers. This house was about 9 meters (30 feet) in diameter.

Some pots from the recent digs. The archaeologists think this was a settlement of about six houses and 50 people.

And a spear point. Other finds include ten tiny glass beads that must have been imported from the Mediterranean.

And two bronze swords from earlier years of the project, which I got from their web site.

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