Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jim Brandenburg

I've been perusing a National Geographic book I got out of the library, Masters of Nature Photography (2013). It's amazing, of course, because if anybody knows nature photography it's National Geographic. It led me to Jim Brandenburg's web site, where I got all of these marvels. I may get to some of the other contributors over the next few days. Above is a picture of wild horses Brandenburg took at the Oostvaardersplassen Preserve in the Netherlands.

Brandenburg is most famous for his pictures of wolves, especially this one from 1986, which as he notes "changed his career." He only saw the wolf for a second and was not even sure he captured it until he developed the film, and he was at first disappointed that he only caught half its face. Some great photographs are a matter of very careful attention to the light and the framing and so on, and some are mainly about being in the right place at the right time.

Single Wolf Track in the Snow.

Boulder Crack, Iceland.

Frosty Sedge Meadow.

Birds, Castle Fog. Hundreds more at his web site.

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