Friday, January 24, 2020

Art Gimmicks

These days it's hard to make it as an artist without a good gimmick to set you apart. Like, Mark Powell does fine drawings, but nobody would buy just any fine drawing, so he does his on used envelopes.

Victoria Villsana puts colored yarn on back and white photos of old celebrities.

Matt Wilson makes bird sculptures out of cutlery.

And then there's Adam Hillman, who organizes things very neatly;

Ruby Silvious, who paints on teabags;

Taylor Holland, whose frames just hold more frames;

Randa Haddadin, who draws on her own body;

Rebecca Szeto, who makes portraits out of paintbrush handles;

Curtis Talwst Santiago, who puts tiny scenes in old music boxes;

Ekaterina Panikanova, who distributes her drawings across multiple old books and other pieces of used paper;

And Matt Adrian, who spurces up his bird photographs with bizarre titles.

But I give my Gimmick Prize to Lucy Sparrow, who makes whole stores full of felt food. Let a hundred thousand flowers bloom!

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