Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Gaulcross Hoard

Fascinating discoveries in northeastern Scotland:
More than 170 years ago, Scottish laborers clearing a rocky field with dynamite discovered three beautiful silver artifacts: a hand pin, a chain and a spiral bangle. But instead of looking for more treasures, they followed orders to turn the field into farmland, squashing hopes of archaeologists for years to come.

Recently, however, archaeologists surveyed the field and uncovered a hoard of 100 silver items, including coins, and pieces of brooches and bracelets, all dating to late Roman times, during the fourth or fifth centuries AD, according to a new report of the find, which is now called the Gaulcross hoard.

So the Romans traded silver objects north to the Picts, and what did the Picts do with them? Cut them into pieces and bury them in the ground. Barbarians!

Love this strange item.

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