Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Feminist Candidate

Hillary's enemies have always said that she doesn't really believe in anything but her own success. Certainly she is extremely ambitious, and she has shifted her positions on a lot of issues over the years. But one thing she has never wavered on is her feminism. She believes in the importance of power for women, and she has worked her whole life for feminist causes. Above, video from Hillary's campaign putting her race for president in the feminist context; below, her victory tweet from last night.

Now Hillary gets to run for president against America's leading sexist jerk, which must be awfully close to her favorite dreams.


G. Verloren said...

A wise man wavers, a fool is fixed.

- Scottish Proverb

pithom said...

Verloren, for once, is right. Playing the woman card all the time will not be a winning strategy for Her. Trump called her out on it once, and look how that whole strategy collapsed.

The gender gap goes both ways. Women's votes are not worth more than men's. Blacks' are not worth more than whites'.

G. Verloren said...

...unsurprisingly, you completely misunderstood me. How embarassing for you.

Her detractors fault her for "wavering" instead of being fixed, but only a fool never changes their mind when presented with new evidence. A wise person will change their mind when new evidence comes to light which contradicts their extant beliefs.

So why isn't Clinton a fool for not changing her mind about women's rights? Because there's no new evidence. Changing your mind only makes sense when you have a reason to, and there simply isn't one here. Nothing has changed. The same arguments that were valid when women marched for the right to vote a century ago are still just as valid today.