Friday, March 19, 2010

The Times vs. The Post, Again

In the NY Times today, a bold and straightforward editorial calling for the passage of health care reform:
The country needs comprehensive health care reform.
Meanwhile, in the Washington Post, another editorial that is headlined "HEALTH REFORM IS A RISK WORTH TAKING" but reads like this:
EVERY piece of legislation is in some sense a wager . . . . voting for the health reform package now before the House of Representatives represents, in those terms, a huge gamble. . . . But at what cost to a government already facing a staggering debt load?. . . So moving ahead with health reform is fraught with risk. . . . All of these gains are provisional. . . . Our judgment is that passage of health-care reform, as maddeningly imperfect as it is, would put the country in a better position . . .
The Post is no longer able to take a strong stand in favor of anything but war and torture.

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