Monday, March 29, 2010

A Book I'll Skip

Reading my way across the internet this morning I twice encountered large ads for a book called Wisdom: from Philosophy to Neuroscience, offering "Ten Fascinating Facts About Wisdom."

Intrigued by what a "fact about wisdom" might be, I was suckered into clicking on the link. Oy.

Did you know that "King Solomon wasn't so wise"? That "animals can be wise"? That "Job wasn't patient"? Maybe we need to begin with a discussion of what a "fact" is.

And here's a radical notion for you: "Paragons of wisdom are often social and political outcasts." To think! Or how about "Older people, on average, manage their emotions better."

It is quite fascinating, the recycled crud that people manage to get published by top publishers with major ad budgets.

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