Friday, March 20, 2020

Links 20 March 2020

Topsail of HMS Victory, from the Battle of Trafalgar, now in the Royal Navy Museum

Amusing Slate feature on the products left in otherwise picked over grocery stores.

Albert Camus and Simone Weil.

Five hour tour of the Hermitage Museum, shot as an iPhone ad. I mean, if you're self quarantining and really bored, why not?

The 960-pound (440 kg) Smilodon.

Understanding how bird's nests hold together turns out to be a hard problem of engineering and applied physics.

Emily Dickinson and Charles Darwin.

Could we strengthen the immune systems of Covid-19 patients by transfusing blood serum from recently recovered people? Maybe.

Scott Alexander's long review of an adulatory biography of Herbert Hoover, quite fascinating.

Spread of coronaviruses is inhibited by temperature and humidity, so we should all stop running air conditioners immediately.

Another company tries to extract the Lithium in California's dying Salton Sea, this one with backing from Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg.

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