Monday, March 23, 2020

Evidence that the Wuhan Coronavirus is Seasonal

Interesting map from Kevin Drum, showing that the first coronavirus outbreaks occurred in a narrow band of temperature and humidity, which is the pattern you see with seasonal viruses.

On the other hand it looks like Florida is exploding right now, so who knows?

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JustPeachy said...

Here in FL, we are really hoping! Keep in mind that "explosion" in cases is very, very relative. It's mostly that we've only just got around to testing for it in a big way. I am also wondering what effect keeping everyone indoors in the air-conditioning, and closing the beaches, will have on "seasonality". Our modern indoor environments are a perpetual artificial autumn.

We tried very hard to keep the beaches open here. Getting more folks out in the sun can only be a good thing in a plague. Idiot spring breakers ruin it for everyone, though-- can't just go splash around and work on their tans, gotta get hammered and twerk on the beach with fifty other idiots :( So now nobody can go to the beach.