Monday, March 2, 2020

Farewell Mayor Pete

Pete Buttigieg withdrew from the presidential race yesterday. I did not support him because he seemed to me like a bit of an ambitious empty suit, but I will remember him for moments of decency like this:
Buttigieg was the first major openly gay presidential candidate, and the wonder of that was how little it was talked about as his bid progressed. Rush Limbaugh, to whom Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in January, was more deviation than norm when he subsequently derided the possibility that Buttigieg, as the Democratic nominee, would be “kissing his husband onstage next to Mr. Man Donald Trump.”

And Buttigieg was in perfect form when asked during a CNN town hall to respond to that. “The idea of the likes of Rush Limbaugh or Donald Trump lecturing anybody on family values, I mean, sorry, but one thing about my marriage is it’s never involved me having to send hush money to a porn star after cheating on my spouse,” he said. “They want to debate family values, let’s debate family values. I’m ready.”

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Shadow said...

Of the last three presidents, including Trump, only one could effectively communicate with the people of this country. I keep remembering press conferences with Bush and Tony Blair. Blair would answer some question in typical British fashion, which included a command of the language, and then the TV camera would turn towards Bush for his response, and what we would get was that "What Me Worry" look of complete incompetence and then a stuttering mess. Now there is Trump, a man who can only tweet in simple sentences that often defy understanding and spelling. Only Obama could communicate, take command of the stage, and only Obama (my opinion) fared well as president. I do not consider this coincidence. You have to be able to communicate effectively.

We just lost the best communicator of the bunch.

Of the ones remaining who seem to have a chance of winning the nomination, Biden keeps forgetting what he's saying. Bernie repeats theme sentences ad nauseam. (I don't recall an original sentence coming out of his mouth in 5 years). And Bloomberg has to stand on his toes to look over the podium, and often looks like a deer caught in the headlights. All of a sudden things aren't looking so good, again.