Monday, January 14, 2019

Things Found on the Bottom of the Detroit River

They're building a new bridge across the Detroit River between the US and Canada, and this led the Detroit Free Press to post a list of things that have been dredged up from the river bottom:
  • DeLorean automobile from the 1980s
  • Bronze statue stolen from the Grosse Pointe War Memorial in 2009
  • 6,000-pound anchor from a historic steamship 
  • Six 1700s-era cannons
  • M1 Carbine rifle from World War II
  • Propeller from a sunken Prohibition-era rum runner

1 comment:

G. Verloren said...

The most amazing thing to me is the DeLorean, since those were made in very few numbers between 1981 and 1983, they were already twice as expensive as they had been designed to be, and then they became incredibly valuable after 1985 rolled around and permanently fixed them in the popular imagination with Back To The Future.

Losing one of those in the river seems just bonkers to me - even crazier than losing a war memorial statue in the river, because that at least was stolen and might have been dumped to avoid police entanglements. All I can assume is that some coked up idiot drive his rare and expensive sports car off a bridge accidentally.