Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Accuracy vs. Correctness

The Babylon Bee:
Popular fact-checking site confirmed Wednesday they are debuting a new "Factually inaccurate but morally right" fact check result for claims they don't want to debunk because they coincide with Snopes editors' worldview.
The Babylon Bee may be the only funny conservative web site in the world, or at least the only one liberals ever laugh at.


G. Verloren said...

This reminds me of a description I came across recently, which I tend to agree with:

"Conservatives care about Order, while Liberals care about Justice."

I find it tracks pretty well. One group wants to be able to say anything they want however awful, the other group thinks we should modulate our speech to not hurt other people. The former wants the exact same rules to apply to everyone regardless of circumstances, the latter wants there to be reasonable exceptions for people with different needs and obstacles in their lives. Conservatives care about conformity, Liberals care about tolerance. Et cetera, et cetera.

Conservatives use "But it's the Law!" to defend truly terrible things, while Liberals are happy to bend or break the rules if they believe it's for a just cause.

And often, as in this case, it's not about any real rules actually being broken - it's merely about the mere perception of a system not being applied equally to everything. Because so much of what Snopes debunks turns out to be things Conservatives want to believe or support, they naturally assume the disparity must be the product of fraud or bias.

Rather than considering that maybe Conservatives just happen to lie a lot more often than Liberals do, they instead draw the assumption that Snopes must be picking on them, and deliberately trying to make them look bad and make Liberals look good.

Hence the accusation that Snopes is only debunking the pet notions of Conservatives, and clearly must be ignoring those of Liberals, because otherwise how could the numbers possibly be so uneven? Conservatives imagine everyone else lies just as much as they do, and they can't possibly fathom that notion not being true, and so feel attacked when people point out the reality, and instantly assume it must be a lie itself. They're projecting what they know of themselves onto others.

szopen said...

The thing is that it does NOT track it very well. For example, Conservatives care about Justice, while Liberals care about confirmity; there was once the research showing that conservatives are more obedient towards the authorities which was then cited ad nauseam to show how conforming are the conservatives, but then one guy came and made the same experiment, but replacing conservative authorities with liberal ones and the results were exaclt reversed: liberals were more obeying ( Neither are liberals particularly tolerating (

> Conservatives use "But it's the Law!" to defend truly terrible things, while Liberals are happy to bend or break the rules if they believe it's for a just cause

I.e. Liberals do not care about Justice and others as long as it suits them. I see.