Friday, August 11, 2017

Walter Mittelholzer in Africa

Walter Mittelholzer was a Swiss aviator, aerial photographer, and travelogue producer, famous in the 1920s and 1930s for his world-spanning adventures.These photographs come from two of his expeditions, the first flight north to south across Africa (1929-1930) and the first flight from Africa's west coast to Lake Chad (1930-1931). Above, City in the Desert, 1930, from the Chad expedition.

Wikimedia has more than a thousand of Mittelholzer's photographs as large tif files, and some of them are amazingly detailed. Desert and Lake, 1930.

Graveyard in the Desert, 1930.

Foot of the Atlas Mountains, 1930

Citadel of Cairo, 1929

Village near Lake Chad, 1931

King of the Masai, 1930

Monastery Ruins in Egypt, 1929

Egyptian Fortress, 1929

Western edge of the Nile Valley, 1929

Gate of Fez, Morocco, 1930

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