Saturday, August 26, 2017

It's Back

Here's something I've never seen before; the fairy ring in my yard that I posted pictures of last week is back, with new mushrooms sprouting among the ruins of the old ones.

Where's our mushroom expert? Is this normal?

Not wanting to take any chances I cut very carefully around this with the lawn mower this morning. I mean, when the fairies have sent such a clear signal that this particular spot is significant to them, you don't want to risk their wrath. Think of the curses they could inflict.

1 comment:

Susi said...

Amanita, Death's cap! Mow away! The 'warts' on top are remnants of the veil that encompasses the growing mushroom, then rips into pieces. Supposed to taste great, according to those who ate them and then succumbed.