Monday, August 7, 2017

The Chariot Mosaic at Akaki, Cyprus

Archaeologists working in Akaki, Cyprus this spring uncovered a spectacular, 85-foot long (26 m) mosaic depicting a race between four chariots. Each chariot is accompanied by two names, probably those of the driver and one of the horses. The mosaic dates to the 4th century CE.

There don't yet seem to be good photographs of the mosaic, especially of the whole thing. All the photos and videos I have found online were taken on the same day, as an archaeologist wandered around spraying the tiles with water. Each damp spot was clearly visible only for a moment before it dried out and faded to near invisibility.

So it may be that we won't have really good images until this is reassembled in some museum. For now, though, we at least have these news photos and videos.

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