Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hospital Workers Fired Over Flu Vaccine

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has fired five employees for refusing to receive the H1N1 vaccine. The hospital:
Our seasonal flu vaccine policy is stronger than most hospitals in our region – and it should be, because we care for the sickest of sick children. Many of the children in our care have never had a chance to have a seasonal flu vaccine themselves so we have to do it for them. Many of our patients are either too young or their immune systems are too weak.
Two of the fired employees made the Philadelphia papers by saying that they refused the vaccine because of their Christian beliefs:
"We really have this strong belief," Gary Cowlay said. "If it wasn't that strong I would never jeopardize my job, knowing I have five kids, a wife, a mortgage. That's how deeply we feel about this."
I'm wondering, where in the New Testament does Jesus say anything about vaccines? Because while I remember something about giving away all your wealth to the poor, I don't recall anything about refusing medical treatment.

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