Sunday, April 25, 2010

No Training Wheels

I have hopes that Ben, unlike his three older siblings, may actually ride a bike. Two of the older ones learned but then forgot as soon as possible, and the third refused to learn. I regard this as a minor tragedy -- what is more fun for kids than flying down a hill on a bike? -- and it pleases me that Ben seems determined to master the vehicle.

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Frisky070802 said...

My two kids have both been late to the game; each has gone through multiple bikes before actually learning. The younger still hasn't, really (time for that new bike). The older learned maybe at age 12, by which time she was too big for training wheels, and instead we found something online that was a real gem, called "pedal magic". It was a short video to teach how to go straight from not riding to pretty decent riding in a matter of minutes -- we were shocked at how well it worked.