Friday, November 22, 2019

Links 22 November 2019

Embroidered cloth from San Nicolás, Mexico.

The crazy story of a possibly fraudulent Indian prince whose family lives in an overgrown ruin.

Ways to reduce the staggering CO2 admissions from making concrete.

Small town football in the concussion era.

Two bits of energy news: Pennsylvania's largest coal-fired power plant is closing, and German steelmaker Thyssenkrupp has demonstrated making steel using hydrogen as fuel, without coal.

Rediscovering Sci-Fi and Fantasy writer John M. Ford. I can't remember ever reading him; anyone know his work and have an opinion?

How Chilean protesters took down a drone with ordinary laser pointers.

The Cult of the Literary Sad Woman. Recovering alcoholic Leslie Jamison ponders all the sad women of modern literature – Virginia Woolf, Jean Rhys, Sylvia Plath – and wonders how to get beyond all that.

An argument that Trump's pardons encourage war crimes.

The problem with impeaching Trump by secret ballot: it would further undermine trust in government.

Massive cache of documents reveals much about what Iranian intelligence services are doing in Iraq.

BallerBusters, an  Instagram account that busts self-proclaimed business gurus who pose with rented jets and the like.

Tesla announces a new factory in Germany. Not, you will note, some place with cheap labor or weak environmental regulations.

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